Develop brand assets for Noir Night Coffee Co., a coffee company inspired by the vibrant energy of their loyal dog, Marcy.
Create a distinctive logo featuring Marcy embracing a coffee mug within a circular motif, capturing her energetic and affectionate nature. Utilize the New Hero Bold font, chosen for its circular 'O's and boldness, aligning seamlessly with the circular logo design.

The coffee company took inspiration from a lively black dog named Marcy for its design. 
Marcy, known for her loyalty and affectionate nature, served as the muse for the distinct circular representation, wherein she embraces a coffee mug. 
The choice of the New Hero Bold font was deliberate, primarily for its circular 'O's, harmonizing with the logo's circular motif. Additionally, the font's boldness further appealed to the company, solidifying its selection.

Coffee Beans represent the company's dedication to coffee and creating the highest quality product possible. 
The Energetic mug represents Marcy’s energetic nature and the energy that Noir Night Coffee provides. 
The Shield represents loyalty and dependability within the company. Noir Night Coffee is ethically sourced and has been a trusted brand since its founding in 2014
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