Create a zine based entirely around a single object. This project is an exploration of image study/sketching processes / conceptual thinking that will morph directly into a pseudo-practical editorial medium (Zine). No tools, methods, or modes of research or image-making are off-limits. Think outside of the box, both abstractly and figuratively. The main goal above all else of this project is to experiment, experiment, experiment!
This zine project focuses on a single object, a golden heart statue. I attempted to tell a story by creating documents and ephemera that indirectly tell the narrative of this strange artifact. I balanced these documents by inserting experimental text, graphics, and photo pages.
Thanks for taking a look!
This zine was completed on behalf of the Mississippi State Graphic Design concentration, course Art 3313 Graphic Design 01, under the direction of assistant professor Aubrey Pohl.

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